Teething frustration



Doesn’t this look like one content, relaxed baby? Note: her little ankles are crossed, like she does when she nurses.

Looks can be deceiving. I’m not sure if she is acting like she just cannot get enough of this teether or if it’s doing nothing but frustrating her.

Play time in her high chair

I realize that Charlotte has a few more weeks or so to go before she’s onto solid foods but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy some play time in her new high chair 🙂

Her latest trick is taking her binky out of her mouth and chewing on it until she finally decides it’s time to relax and put it back in her mouth.


I have her strapped in at her belly, but the shoulder straps are still way too big on her. She really seems to enjoy the high chair.



What I really like about this chair is that it straps to a kitchen chair and it will grow with her into a booster seat for when she is ready to sit at the table.

Frog teether

All day yesterday she was putting everything she had her hands on in her mouth and chewing as best she could. I tried giving her the ring teether from the fridge while she relaxed in her swing…she didn’t like it. She was trying her hardest to chew the wings on her butterfly Freddie but she was getting more and more frustrated so I put her in her jumperoo. I found Alice in Wonderland on Netflix (the 1951 Disney version, not the new Johnny Depp one) and she was enthralled for about 20/30 minutes while I got some things done.

The jumperoo has this little rubbery frog teether attached to it by a thick red ribbon. I’ve handed it to her multiple times in the past but she’s never taken to it.

Well…she found it on her own, eyes glued to the TV.




I don’t know how I got anything done during this time because I think I watched her more than I cleaned the windows.


Barnes & Noble


5.26 BNN


Charlotte had her very first visit to the bookstore last night. Strapped snugly in her stroller, she was gnawing away on her hands as I pushed her through the doors. Her face lit up as she looked around at the lights above her. Slowly we walked around, in between the aisles of books, her eyes darting left and right. Every once in a while, she’d let out a delightful squeal as she took in her new surroundings.