Zander milestones

Didn’t want to forget that Lysander has the two front bottom teeth cutting through.  It started around 12/1 and within a week the left front bottom pushed through. The right one is on its way tonight,  12/10.

He’s also been pulling himself up on whatever he can. He was getting stuck standing at first but has figured out how to get back down more as the days go by. The last few days he is walking himself around with the help.of the learning walker, activity table and kitchen that are in the playroom/my office.

He’s also been known to be crawling one moment and standing holding onto the sofa or coffee table the next. If you blink while he’s crawling near something he can use to help him stand, ypu can be sure he’ll be standing.

He’s a head shorter than Charlotte and 22.5 pounds. Charlotte is 27 pounds and about as tall as the kitchen counter

Earlier tonight he stood himself up in his bed after I laid him down and stood there babbling. Funny guy. Go to sleep.


Every time I leave the house, I put the puppies in their cage so they don’t run around wreaking havoc and making noise.

The dogs get a treat when they go in. I ran out of biscuits so I’ve been giving the jerky at the bottom of the bag.

Charlotte loves beef jerky.

Like….really loves it. We’ve had to put the bag out of reach because she will help herself to it like it’s a bag of Lay’s chips. You can’t eat just one.

At first I thought she was running over to the cage to help put the dogs in and shut the door like she has done the last few times.

This time. No.

She sat down and put her hand out for jerky.  I said no. Get out of the cage.  She started shrieking.

I caved and gave her the jerky to stop her from doing that.

Then she slammed the door shut.